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Smart lightening

Because your life deserves to be bright, discover all Nityam Smart connected lighting. To create atmospheres of all colors and intensity!

Smart Led bulb

The standard Nityam Smart connected Led bulbs connect to Wifi with a simple slide of the finger. Multicolored, with white variation, vintage... they give a boost to your decoration. Alexa and Google Home compatible, they are ideal for home automation fans!

Smart Led strips

Smart LED strips are an original way to connect the lighting in your home! Available in different sizes, multicolored or white, with remote control... they connect very easily to Wifi and are Amazon and Google Home compatible. 

Everything you need to know about smart lightening

Create your own personalized lighting ambiance, at the best price!

Nityam Smart is a French brand of connected lighting, accessible to all.

Our philosophy: to allow you to transform your home through light, with connected light bulbs at the best value for money.

Forerunners in connected objects, since 2012, millions of customers have already adopted Nityam Light bulbs!

Smart light bulbs for all your needs

A multitude of possibilities are available to you with Nityam Smart LED bulbs.

Need to focus? Choose dimmable white light bulbs for a productive office environment.

Want to relax? Choose connected filament bulbs to create a warm atmosphere in your living room.

Want to travel? Choose colored connected light bulbs to create a Zen garden, a sunset...

Everything is possible with Nityam smart light bulbs!



Everything about Smart Led Light Bulbs

What is the life span of a connected bulb?

Nityam Smart wifi connected bulbs have a lifespan of about 10,000 hours, depending on your daily usage.

Do we need to have a bridge to connect the Nityam bulbs?

No, these smart bulbs don't require a bridge to enjoy them. They connect directly to the Nityam Smart application via your home's WiFi. That's the Nityam advantage: no need to buy an extra bridge!

Are Nityam connected light bulbs Google Home compatible?

Yes, you can connect your bulbs to Google Home very easily via the Nityam Smart app, which itself is compatible with IOS and Android.

Are Nityam connected light bulbs Alexa compatible?

Yes, you can connect your bulbs to Google Home very easily via the Nityam Smart app, which itself is compatible with IOS and Android.

Quelle est la consommation d’énergie d’une ampoule connectée Nityam ?

The energy consumption varies according to the power of the bulb. The connected bulbs have a power of 9 Watt or 6 Watt. That is exactly the same consumption as a normal bulb. You can even save energy by controlling the lighting remotely, as well as the intensity.

Is the Nityam Smart app compatible smartphone IOS, or Android?

Yes, you can control all your Nityam connected bulbs from your smartphone, whether it is IOS or Android.

Do I need to have an Internet box at home to connect the Nityam Smart bulbs?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary to have a Wifi box at home to operate the Nityam Smart bulbs. The bulbs connect to your Wifi, which relays with the application on your smartphone, wherever you are.

I have a 5GHz internet box, are the bulbs compatible?

No, all Nityam Smart connected products are only compatible for 2.4 GHz networks. To check that your network is 2.4 GHz, it's easy! Look at the name of your Wifi network. If it ends with 5 GHz, your network is in 5 GHz. If there is nothing, it means that it is in 2.4 GHz. Normally, the boxes have both networks. Be careful, the Orange boxes generally hide the display of the 2.4 GHz. If you do not have the 2.4 GHz network, you can contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to ask them to activate it. Translated with (free version)

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