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Lighting angle

Motion detection

Motion detection

Ambient lighting

Because your life deserves to be bright! Discover Nityam Light Led strips. A fun, practical, colorful and time-proof lighting! Brighten up your interior with Nityam Light Led strips.

All your Led strips

Multicolored, white, with remote control, motion detector ... there is inevitably the Led strip you are looking for. Choose it according to its size (5, 3, 1 meter), its colors or its little extras!

Led strips with remote control

Control the color of your Led strip remotely with a remote control. Practical, isn't it?

Led strips with presence detection

As soon as you pass by, the Led strip lights up. Ideal for a dressing room or a staircase!

Need inspiration?
Our deco ideas with Led light strip

Led strips at the best quality price!

Nityam Light is a French brand of Led lighting.

We have created this Led strip with the purpose to have the best quality of lighting, at the right price.

Your lighting strip will resist to the test of time and humidity.

Since 2014, already more than 10 000 customers, 100% satisfied, light themselves with Nityam Light... why not you ?

An economical and practical ambient lighting

To install your Multicolor Led strip, nothing could be easier!

It comes with double-sided tape and a power cable long enough to fix it where you want.

In addition to being very practical, your Led strip is also economical. You will enjoy its colored light for 20 000h!


All about Led strips

What is a Led strip?

The LED strip light is a flexible strip on which several LEDs are installed. The LED strip is equipped with RGB LEDs. The light colors can be changed by wireless remote control.

Which Led strip is waterproof?

IP20 LED strip light is not waterproof and can be installed indoors only in non-wet area. On the other hand, an IP44 LED strip light can be used outdoors.

How to hang a Led Strip?

Installing your Led strip couldn't be easier! It comes with double-sided tape and a power cable long enough to fix it where you want.

What is the life span of a Led strip?

Nityam Led strips have a lifespan of about 20,000 hours, depending on your daily use.

How do you plug in a Led ribbon?

Nityam Light Led strips are simply plugged into an electrical outlet. Depending on the model, you can then control them with a switch, or remote control, or by presence detection. 

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All your Led strips

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